How to Activate Your Windows Device with Straight Talk Sim Card

Windows 8

Windows 8 phones are great for use with the Straight Talk sim card kit because all of the phones can be programmed with both MMS and Data without jumping through hoops like downloading apps as was the case with Windows 7. The phones do not need to be unlocked but they need to be of the GSM variety locked to either AT&T or TMobile. Windows 8 Phones

Windows 7

Activating your Windows 7 device is easy, convenient and an excellent money saving option. That said, there are a few things to know before you purchase your Straight Talk Sim Card kit. Please check out these FAQs on activating your Straight Talk Sim card on your Windows 7 and Windows 7.5 Mango devices.

Which Windows 7 Device for Straight Talk Sim Card Kit?

There are various Windows 7 phones that will work with the Straight Talk Sim card kit. The main thing to keep in mind is that it must be a GSM model. CDMA Windows 7 phones will not work with the Straight Sim Card program. Phones can either be locked to TMobile or AT&T. Of course unlocked models will work. If you absolutely must have MMS, then you will need to go with one of the newer Samsung Windows 7 models, these include the Samsung Flash, Samsung Focus S (regular Samsung Focus will not work). These are the only phone models which you can reliably get MMS to work so long as they have the latest Windows 7 Mango release.

Can I Activate a Windows 7 Locked to either TMobile or AT&T?

The answer is yes! A Windows 7 phone locked to either TMobile or AT&T will work. You will need to purchase the correct Sim Card kit, either TMobile compatible or AT&T compatible. You cannot use a TMobile Sim card on an AT&T locked phone and vice versa so it's important to select the proper Sim Card kit.

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Does the Windows 7 Phone need to be Developer Unlocked (Jailbroken) to Activate?

A Developer Unlocked phone is not required. The Windows 7 OS allows us to edit the necessary settings to get Data working. Besides, it costs $99 to Developer Unlock a phone which is not worth the expense unless you are writing your own apps.

Why can't I get the Straight Talk MMS on Windows 7 Phones?

The Windows 7 Operating system does not have a screen for us to set the Straight Talk MMS settings. This goes for all Windows 7 phones. That being said, you can download an App for getting MMS to work on newer Samsung models. This includes the Samsung Flash and Samsung Focus S. Older Samsung models, HTC models, LG models, etc will not work with the Straight Talk Sim card MMS. Additionally, the Nokia Lumia series will also allow you to add the Straight Talk MMS by downloading the Nokia Network Setup app. This includes the Lumia 610, 710, 800 and 900. Check out the MMS Setup Page for more info.

Can One activate a Verizon Windows 7 Phone with the Straight Talk Sim card program?

The answer is no. Verizon phones are CDMA phones, as such they do not use Sim cards so you cannot use the Straight Talk Sim card program with Verizon or Sprint phones.

Activating Windows 7 with Straight Talk
Activating the Samsung Focus with Straight Talk