How to Get Straight Talk Micro Sim Cards for TMobile

The first thing we should tell you is that Straight Talk does not sell micro sims for TMobile, at least as of this writing. Now don't get discouraged just yet because one can easily convert a regular sized sim into a micro sim with a good pair of scissors. If you have an existing micro sim, you can simply draw the outline on a business card or similar to make a template. If you don't, download this microsim template. Be sure to print it 100% and don't resize in anyway to maintain the proper scale.

Check Straight Talk Sim Availability

Alternatively, you can opt for the MySimpleMobile sim card if you are too squeamish and don't want to butcher your newly purchased sim. The MySimpleMobile sims are compatible with TMobile locked phones (unlocked phones work as well) and they do offer a micro sim.

Attention: Be sure to have your sim card serial number either written down from the sim card or have the red card that came with your sim card package. Most of the sim serial number on the card will be cut off after this.

1.Cut out your template.

2. Overlay the template on top of your regular sized sim and align it as shown below. Then with a fine tip pen, draw in the area that you will be cutting away. Be sure that notched corner on the sim is in the same position as the notched corner on the template.

3. With some good scissors carefully cut along the lines you drew. Its best to cut it too big than too little as you can always trim or sand a little more. This can also be done with an exacto knif or razor blade and a metal straight edge.

4. Sand the edges with some sand paper or a file. Lay the sandpaper or file flat and move the card back and forth to keep your sanding straight. Be sure not to scratch the gold contacts.

5. Test fit on the phone.

Below is the end result. The blue card is a regular at&t microsim and the pink is the modified TMobile. Note that the modified one is not 100% perfect but that's ok. So long as you get fairly close and the card fits your phone slot or tray it should work. The gold contacts on the card are wide enough such that a small error here or there will not affect operation.