How To Straight Talk MMS Set Up on Samsung Flash With Wireless Manager (SGH-i677)

The Samsung Flash is one of the few Windows 7 phones that can be fully used on the Straight Talk plan. The Samsung Flash lets you set the data apn as well as the MMS apn. Here are the instructions for setting up both Data and MMS on your Samsung Flash.

Straight Talk Sim Card Availability

1. Activate and install your new Straight Talk Sim card.

2. Open the App Market and select Samsung Zone. Select the Wireless Manager app, download and install. You will need a Windows Live ID to download the app.

3. After download and installation, go to the Menu screen , locate the Wireless Manager app and launch it.

4. Tap the Call APN option, on following screen tap the Edit APN button, tap the mms_line option.

5. On the APN settings screen, you will need to make the following changes:

MMSC (activated):
APN : att.mvno
Proxy Address:
Proxy Domain: Clear this box as it will probably be populated
Proxy Port: 80

6. Test your newly set MMS settings by sending a test message with a picture attachment.

That's it, your Samsung Flash is now MMS enabled!