How to Add Straight Talk MMS and Data Apn to Nokia Lumia 610

The Nokia Lumia 610 is an excellent Windows phone for the Straight Talk plan for three reasons. The first, it is a European only model so most of the phones you will find in the US are carrier unlocked and not terribly expensive. The second, is that the Nokia Network Setup app allows us to program both the Straight Talk data settings as well as the Straight Talk MMS settings. Finally, it's rare, unique and looks great! With that in mind, lets get to programming the Straight Talk APN settings shall we?

Straight Talk Sim Card Availability

1. The first step is to activate your Straight Talk sim card if you have not done so already.

2. Remove the back cover, then your battery and install the micro sim card into the the upper right hand slot. Orient the card according to the little graphic and slide in until it clicks in place. If for some reason you need to remove it, simply push up until it clicks out.

2. Since we do not have data as of yet, connect to WiFi so that we can get the app market going.

3. Go to the App market and search for "network setup". This is a free app and is from Nokia. You will need to create a Windows Live account to install the app so do that if you have not done so already. You can do it directly from the phone or from your computer.

4. Tap the app from the search results then tapp Install to download and install it. Once installed, simply hit the bottom Windows logo button to go to the home screen. Then from the Home screen, tap the upper right hand onscreen arrow to go to the main menu.

5. From the menu screen, tap the Network Setup app.

7. Once the app launches, give it about a minute to perform a scan.

8. Once the scan completes, the phone will show you some results such as AT&T LTE and AT&T 3g. Don't bother taping these because they can't be edited and doing so will make the phone perform another scan. Instead, tap the bottom plus (+) icon to create a new APN.

9. You will now be able to enter the necessary settings for both the Data to work and the MMS. To do so, scroll all the way to the bottom. For some reason, the app does not hide the keyboard when you tap the enter icon so the keyboard hides the last MMSC box which we need to enter. So again, starting from the bottom enter the following. Note, this is for the MMS APN section ONLY. The Internet APN section is different.


Proxy Port: 80
Proxy address:
MMS access point name: att.mvno

Internet Apn

MMS access point name: att.mvno
No other settings are required in this section.

Check the "Make this my current APN" box and finally in the connection name enter st

10. When done, the disk icon at the bottom will enable so tap it to save.

11. The phone will now perform one last scan to make set your new APN so simply go to the homescreen when that is finished. Test your data by opening a browser and visiting a website. Then test your MMS by sending a picture message.

That's it, your Nokia Lumia 610 is now MMS and Data enabled!