Windows 7 Phones That Work With Straight Talk MMS

As you may be aware, Windows 7 phones do not allow us to set up MMS, so what are we to do? Luckily, Samsung and Nokia have both delivered an apps for getting around this Windows 7 limitation. Now don't hurry on over to Ebay and place your bids on just any old Samsung or Nokia model just yet. You see, only the newer Samsung models will work with this app and only the Nokia Lumia 900 (as far as I know) which is kind of a bummer. Luckily, there is no need to buy an unlocked phone because the app will work even on AT&T locked phones. So which models will work with the Straight Talk MMS you ask? Straight Talk Windows investigates...Straight Talk Sim card availability

Samsung Focus Flash

The Samsung Focus Flash is a newer version of the plain Samsung Focus. Spec wise, this phone is not much different than the original Samsung focus. What's important here is that the Focus Flash will work with the Wireless Manager app thus allowing us to program the necessary information to get our Straight Talk MMS up and running. Of course being a newer model, it will cost slightly more than the standard Focus, around $15-$20 more on the used market to be precise.

Used Market Pricing Around $125

Features 1.4ghz processor, 8gb storage, 5.0 mp camera, 3.7" screen, GPS, WiFi

Straight Talk Sim Card Type: Standard Sim also known as mini Sim

Straight Talk Carrier AT&T locked phones will of course only work with AT&T. Unlocked models will work with either TMobile or AT&T. There is no need to purchase an unlocked phone to get MMS to work.

Cons: More expensive than the standard Samsung Focus, memory is not expandable with SD card, only 8gb capacity available

Recommendation: If MMS is a must while on the Straight Talk sim card plan, then this is the only phone that will work with the Wireless Manager app. Of course you will have to pay extra for it. Overall, this is an excellent Windows 7 phone.

Samsung Flash Straight Talk MMS Set up

Nokia Lumia 900

The Nokia Lumia 900 is by far the cream of the crop as far as Windows devices go, at least in this writer's opinion. For our purposes, getting it work with Straight Talk MMS, it is the premiere device. For one, you get 4g, that's right, 4g LTE along with Straight Talk savings! Additionally, it is a great looking large screened device that's awesome for multimedia. Finally, guess what? It will work with Straight Talk MMS because the kind folks at Nokia developed an app that will let us program the Straight Talk apn.

Used market pricing: Around $200

Features: Large 4.2" screen, GPS , large form factor, 5mp camera, HD recording, 4g Data, WiFi

Straight Talk Sim card type Micro sim (smaller sized sim)

Straight Talk Carrier The Nokia Lumia 900 is an AT&T only device so the majority of the affordable devices are going to be locked to AT&T. You may be able to find factory unlocked phones but those will be pricey and probably not worth the expenditure. Because the Nokia network setup allows us to program the Straight Talk MMS settings, there really is no sense in getting an unlocked version, UNLESS you have your heart set on getting it for the Tmobile network.

Cons: Does not have expandable memory so 16gb is what you get. A little pricey even used. Large form factor.

Recommendation This, in my humble opinion, is the single best Windows device if only because it is the only one you can get 4g LTE data AND still be able to use MMS. Check Straight Talk Sim Availability