Activating Straight Talk MMS Using Connection Setup on HTC Model Windows 7 Phones

Just like Nokia and Samsung, HTC also has an APN utility called Connection Setup. This in theory should allow us to activate the Straight Talk MMS and Data APNs. Unfortunately, HTC only allows us to select preset carriers from the app and it just so happens that Straight Talk is not one of the listed carriers at this time. It would be nice if the app allowed us to create custom settings but that is not the case. They do have Tracfone as one of the available carriers but using this setting does not work. Hopefully, at some point, they will add Straight Talk to the list so that we can can add the necessary MMS settings. This is really too bad because there are some great HTC Windows 7 phones to be had for relatively cheap.

If you have an HTC phone, you can still create the necessary Data APN so that you can access the internet and app market. You can do this from the Cellular menu setting found in the main menu. You can follow the standard Straight Talk Data APN instructions to do that. This applies for the following HTC Windows 7 models: HTC HD7, HTC Radar and HTC Surround.

Where to get the Connection Setup App

You can still download the Connection Setup app for when/if they add Straight Talk to the carrier list. The app can be found on the App Market under HTC Apps and searching for Connection Setup.

How to Get Missing HTC Apps

If you are missing the HTC Apps section in the App Market, you will need to reset your phone by going to Settings->About. Be sure to back up your phone since resetting it will of course wipe out all of your stuff. I had to reset an HTC Surround twice before the HTC Apps showed up.