How to Add Straight Talk MMS APN on Samsung Focus S SGH-i937

The Samsung Focus S SGH-i937 another of the Samsung devices that allows us to program mms settings on this very nice Windows phone. Using the Samsung Wireless Manager app, the Straight Talk APN settings can easily be programmed on the phone thus allowing us to use MMS. No need for an unlocked phone either because this will work on any AT&T locked Samsung Focus S. As an added bonus, the Focus S is 4g HSPA+ capable so we get up to 4 times faster download speeds at the same $45 rate!

1.The first thing you should do, is activate your Straight Talk sim card. If you don't have one yet, check Straight Talk Sim Card Availability for your area.

2. Remove your battery cover and battery then install the micro sim card.

2. If you have added the Straight Talk data apn on the setup->cellular screen then go ahead and delete it at this point and connect to WiFi.

3. Once your WiFi is connected, navigate to the App Market place and under Samsung Zone, download the Samsung Wireless Manager app.

4. Find the Samsung Wireless Manager app and install it. Once installed, go to the main menu and launch it.

5. The first option is "call apn", so go ahead and tap it. If you have trouble registering the tap, then tap the gray "apn" part.

6. On the "call apn" screen, select edit apn. Depending on your calling area, you will have either 3g or 4g. The phone will select the appropriate selection. If the selection does not work, select the other (3g or 4g). Setting one up will override the other.

7. Now you will see a few choices so select "mms_line". You may notice that you can actually delete this entry and create your own brand new mms apn. DON'T DO IT because it will not work. You must use the "mms_line" that's provided by the app. If you delete it, you will need to factory reset the phone and reinstall the app to get it back.

9. You are finally on the mms apn settings screen , so go ahead and enter only the fields below:

MMSC (activated):
APN : att.mvno
Proxy Address:
Proxy Domain: Clear this box as it will probably be populated
Proxy Port: 80

You will notice that the save is enabled/disabled depending on which fields are entered. Entering only these fields will enable the save button. Additionally, it's best to navigate from field to field taping enter on the keyboard when you're done completing the field. This makes the fields scroll above the keyboard.

10. Once you are done, simply tap the save check mark. Again, the check mark will only enable itself when all the proper fields are entered.

11. Once saved, simply to go camera roll screen and test send an image.

That's it, your Samsung Focus S is now MMS enabled!