Huawei Windows 8 Phones for Straight Talk

Huawei is the latest phone maker to join the Windows 8 OS. Huawei is an excellent brand to get on the Windows 8 OS because the phones are extremely affordable, at least compared to the other Windows 8 phone offerings. Another interesting aspect to the Huawei brand is the fact that you can get one from Straight Talk or Net10 so it will work right out of the box without having to change any settings. If you're a little adventurous, then you can find a slightly used Huawei and save some money. Since Windows 8 makes it extremely easy to add your Straight Talk settings, there is really not much of an advantage to buying one directly from Straight Talk or Net10 unless you just want the ultimate convenience.

Huawei Ascend W1- Find New Straight Talk Huawei W1

The Huawei Ascend W1 is the introductory Windows 8 offering from Huawei. At $229, it is the most affordable new Windows 8 device on the market and can be had directly from Straight Talk.

Specs on the Huawei Ascend W1 are quite respectable though not quite on the same level as say the Lumia 910 or HTC 8x but on the same level as say the Lumia 810 or HTC 8s. The W1 comes with a 1.2 ghz dual core cpu, 5mp camera and 4" glass screen so there is good performance there despite the lower price. One of the things I really like about this model over pretty much all other Windows 8 phones to date is the fact that you can replace the battery and that the battery cover isn't a clunky hard to remove monstrosity like on some of the Nokia Lumias.

New Price: $229.99 Direct from Straight Talk - Be careful when shopping used because some models are from China and are not compatible with US GSM bands. At this time, it's safest to buy direct from Straight Talk to be sure your phone will be compatible.

Features: 3g and 4g data via AT&T or TMobile, 4.0" gorilla glass screen , 1.2ghz dual core, comes in different colors , 5mp camera.

Operating System: Windows 8

Storage Capacity:4gb storage comes with expandable sd storage.

Straight Talk Sim card type: Micro sim card (small sim card) installed by removing the battery.

Straight Talk MMS: Yes, you can add Straight Talk MMS settings via the stock cellular Windows 8 screen. Great News! Alternatively, you can buy it directly from Straight Talk.

Straight Talk Carrier: AT&T locked, TMobile locked and Unlocked devices when they become available or buy Direct from Straight Talk when the phone becomes available.

Pros: Attractive design, excellent specs, low price, replaceable battery with nice battery cover, ability to add Straight Talk MMS and Data apns without the need of an app.

Cons: Lower end brand not as good build as some of the higher end phones.

RecommendationThe Huawei Ascend W1 is an excellent phone to try out the Windows 8 OS at an affordable price. The phone has solid specs that are right up there with the lower end Nokias and HTCs. For added convenience, you can purchase one directly from Straight Talk that will be programmed with MMS and Data right out of the box.