HTC 8x Windows 8 Straight Talk Data and MMS Setup

New with Windows 8 is the ability to add a MMS APN from the cellular screen on HTC phones without the need of an app. This is excellent news if you are looking to jump on Straight Talk with the HTC 8x.

Straight Talk Sim Card Availability

1. Activate and install your new Straight Talk Sim card. The HTC 8x uses the micro SD card and is installed by sliding out the sim tray on the right hand side of the phone. You will need a stiff wire or a small paper clip. Be careful not to push the wire at an angle so that you don't mar or damage the entrance to the hole.

2. Verify that your sim card is active by placing and/or calling the phone. Once your card is active, the phone can make and receive calls.

3. Go to the main menu by scrolling all the way down on the home screen and tapping the arrow at the bottom right hand corner.

4. Scroll to find the Settings menu option and tap.

5. Scroll to find the Cellular menu option and tap

6. First, you should set up your data so tap the "add internet apn" option.

7. In most cases, all you need here is the APN box which is att.mvno. If for some reason, that does not work, try the below settings:
For AT&T Locked Phones
APN: att.mvno
Proxy server(URL):
Proxy Port: 80

Most people will only need the APN but will not hurt if you enter the Proxy server and proxy port.

For TMobile Locked Phones- I will disclose that I have never tried with TMobile but here are the settings
APN: wap.tracfone

For Proxy Server (URL) Straight talk says to leave blank but says to enter a port of 8080. The phone, however, does not allow a Port without a proxy server so leave both blank and try. If that does not work, then try for Proxy Server (URL) and 8080 for port.

8. Tap the disk icon at the bottom to save.

9. Now tap the "add mms apn" button to enter the MMS setup screen.

10. On the MMS APN screen you will enter the following Straight Talk mms settings as found in the included instructions of your Sim Card kit. These are the only options you will need. Notice that the save icon (disk icon at the bottom) will not be enabled until you enter this information. No other options are needed, just these.

For AT&T Locked Phones
APN : att.mvno
WAP Gateway:
WAP Gateway Port: 80

For TMobile Locked Phones - I will disclose that I have never tried with TMobile but here are the settings

WAP Gateway: leave blank
WAP Gateway Port :leave blank
MMSC Port: the phone will autofill this but Straight talk says to leave blank. Try it with the autofill value first, then try 8080 if that doesn't work.

You will notice that the phone will automatically set the MMSC Port to 80. This is fine.

For the IP Type, leave this on IPv4v6. I had some problems when I set it to IPv4 where I was able to send to some people but not others. This cleared up when set to IPv4v6.

11.Tap the disk icon when done to save your settings.

12. You can now test your mms settings by sending a picture to another cell phone. You might also want to test receiving by sending your 8x a picture message as well.

That's it, your HTC 8x is now MMS and Data enabled!