How to Add Straight Talk MMS APN on Samsung Focus 2 With Wireless Manager (SGH-i667)

The Samsung Focus 2 is one of 3 Samsung Devices that will work with the Straight Talk MMS settings. Thanks to Samsung's Wireless Manager app, we can program the MMS apn as well as the data APN. Since the Focus 2 is 4g capable, our Straight Talk sim apn setting will allow us to utilize the 4g data connection while still paying the same $45 a month!

Straight Talk Sim Card Availability

1. If you haven't already done so, activate your Straight Talk sim card.

2. Remove your battery cover and battery then install the micro sim card.

2. Connect to wifi from Settings->WiFi since we still do not have data or skip if you've already entered the data apn

3. Go to the App market and locate and tap on Samsung Zone

4. Locate and tap on the Wireless Manager app, tapp Install to download and install it. Then go to the home screen aftter installing.

5. From the homescreen, tap the right arrow to go to the menu screen.

6. From the menu screen, tap the Wireless Manager application.

7. Tap the first option "call apn", you may need to tap just the "apn" part.

8. Tap "edit apn" and on following screen tap "mms_line" to edit the mms settings. DO NOT delete the "mms_line" selection or you will have to reset the phone and start all over. While the phone gives you the ability to create a new one MMS apn, do not do so because it will not work.

9. Now it's time to enter the mms settings so on the APN settings screen, enter the fields below:

MMSC (activated):
APN : att.mvno
Proxy Address:
Proxy Domain: Clear this box as it will probably be populated
Proxy Port: 80

10. When done, the check mark will enable so tap it to save. You will get a confirmation message once the settings are saved. The check mark will be disabled until the fields above are edited.

11. Test your newly set MMS settings by sending a test message with a picture attachment.

That's it, your Samsung Focus 2 is now MMS enabled!