Activating the AT&T Locked Nokia Lumia 900 with Straight Talk Sim

The Nokia Lumia 900 is a superb device with tons of capabilities making it perfect for use on the Straight Talk Sim Card plan. Now you don't need to spend tons of money on an unlocked device because an AT&T locked phone will work perfectly well with Straight Talk, everything but MMS that is. New and gently used Nokia Lumia 900 can be had for relatively affordable prices, I got mine for around $250 new. With that out of the way lets get down to activating the phone, shall we?

Check Straight Talk Sim Availability

1. The Nokia Lumia 900 uses the micro Sim card type so a standard Sim will not work. Select the micro sim from the Straight Talk web page as pictured below.

2. Be sure to select the AT&T compatible option on the Straight Talk web page when purchasing the sim as pictured below.

3. Once you have received and activated your sim card. Remove the sim tray from the top of the phone. You can use a small paper clip or similar to pop it open. Simply stick it in the small hole located on the sim tray. There are 2 small holes on the bottom of the phone. The sim tray is on the right hand side as pictured below.

4. Power the phone on. At this point, assuming your sim card is active, the phone can make and receive calls so now would be a good time to test to make sure your sim card is active. Straight Talk usually gets the sims active within an hour of going through the activation process.

5. Now it's time to set up the APN settings so that your Nokia Lumia 900 can use the Straight Talk data plan. To do so, go to the settings screen by tapping the top right hand side arrow.

6. On the main menu screen, scroll until you see Settings option. This is located towards the bottom of the screen.

7. Next, we will scroll to the cellular option and tap to enter the cellular settings.

8. Next, tap the add apn button at the bottom of the screen.

9. Now it's just a matter of entering the Straight Talk specific APN. Note that there are various boxes on this screen but the only one your phone needs to work is the first APN box. Simplye enter att.mvno in this box and ignore the rest.

10. Our final step is to test our phone's data connection.Be sure to disable the WiFi if you have it turned on. To test, simply tap the bottom right magnifying glass button. If you get Bing, you're golden!

For MMS set up please see the Straight Talk Lumia 900 MMS Setup

That's it, that's all there is to it as far as getting Data and Voice..